Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rich with friends

Martha and I do travel a lot. We are privileged to have the opportunities to travel both for work and for fun. These trips to France since 2000 have been mind/heart-changing in a number of ways; we get to experience another culture in a depth and over time not afforded to a one-time visitor. We get to see new terrain, taste new foods, hear new music, explore new ways of living in homes. We get to worship in new ways. But most of all we get to develop new friendships.
But this trip allowed us to reconnect with Martha's childhood friend and maid of honor at our wedding Ellen Fitts Maddaloni. She and her husband Mimo live in Miesau with their 3 boys and 1 daughter (all pictured except Anna). It is just great to be enfolded into the energy of a young family who live across cultures, yet connected with the one culture that binds us and does not divide us....Jesus.


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