Saturday, July 12, 2008

What's With the Weeds?

Martha is a gardener par-excellence! She lives in a wonderful balance between creating beauty in her studio and then sculpting beauty out of the soil. One of her daily routines is weeding. I don't think she'd say she enjoys weeding, but enjoys the results of weeding. Weeds come with gardens. Weeding is part of any gardener's life.
The text for this Sunday out of Matthew 13:24-30, 36-42 is the parable of the wheat and the tares (bearded darnel). These were not just naturally occurring weeds; one here and another there. This was an act of sabotage, sown weeds that look to the amateur just like the wheat. They are the work of an illegitimate gardener, an upside down crop.
What's with the weeds? And, more importantly, what should we do? Nothing! Leave them alone. Let them grow in their own toxic way until the harvest. Our job is to grow, to be the wheat God wants us to be.
This is very hard work for me because I like critiquing all the weeds around me. I like judging and even up-rooting weeds (or at least I think they are weeds!). I like focussing on the "ain't it awful that..." all around us. The negative is so much easier than the positive. I like growing a church on criticizing other churches and pastors.
But Jesus (always!) has a better way for me as a pastor, as a believer, and for us as a church....grow upward! Leave the judging to God.


At 3:56 AM , Anonymous Jim Hawkinson said...

Intersting piece. Reminds me that when my folks drove in from California years ago, their car--inside and out--was full of tumbleweed Mom had inssited on gathering along the way. They looked like Flower Children of the '60s!
But when Christmas came we knew why. Mom had spray painted them all white, filled them with bobbles and greeery of various kinds, and hung them all over the house for Christmas. It was a fairyland!
So even weekds can be useful. Even the weeds in us, like evening meetings, to which you refer in another blog.
Great job blogging, Donn. Keep us the good work.



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