Sunday, July 27, 2008

When Kids Come Home

This is the last full day Liz and Jeff are with us. Tomorrow we drive them to Burbank for their flight back to Atlanta. They sat with Martha in worship today and met many of our good friends. We left our "home" in Minneapolis to move here to Santa Barbara without the kids (all adults, but we still call them kids). They have visited us pretty regularly, trying to make our new home their second home. They bring their own adult patterns and lifestyles and we blend and merge. It's been nothing short of great to see Liz happy with Jeff and to here them talk about their growing life together.
So instead of planning their time with us and filling it with our activities and agendas, a lot of the time is just spent hanging, talking, and listening to these ones who were once dependent children, now making big decisions by themselves. When I feel kind of left out, it only takes a moment to remember our launching into adulthood without looking back, and certainly without a lot of consulting and parent permission-asking. I'm glad they are where they are...and we are where we are.


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