Thursday, August 07, 2008

Are you an Issachar or Zebulun?

The New York Times provides such great theological stories. Buried in the 11th page of the business section on Wednesday August 6th is an article titled: "Personal Services for the Spirit: Private Torah Study" An international organization called Aish HaTorah offers many services to more modern, busy and secular Jews, among them is having a rabbi make a weekly visit to a person's work-site for Bible study, Talmud exegesis, personal counseling or intellectual jousting. "...one makes a significant contribution $10,000 a year, more or less- and in return a rabbi comes to one's corner office about once a week."
The justification for both the fees and the structures comes from the positioning of the tribes of Zebulun (merchants) and Issachar (rabbis and scholars). It was mandated by the Torah that the tribe of Zebulun supports the tribe of Issachar. Just point me to the office!


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