Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Day with Art

Being married to an artist is a blessing and curse. It's a blessing because our walls have great art on them; Martha's and artists she admires. My velvet Elvis with a candy-colored unicorn never made it out of the garage (we actually had one there for a while, painted by Jose Monet!). It's a curse because there are few neutral reactions to art, design, color and architecture. I am often on the wrong end of a color scheme or design idea. I often get caught walking out of the house with a faux question: "Are you REALLY going to wear that?" I bristle, snort, huff and puff and then go back in and change shirt. pants or tie. The result, other than bruising my ego, is that I get compliments about "my" selection of shirts and ties. It pays to have good advice.
So today we celebrated our anniversary going to the Fowler Museum and later to the Getty Museum off of the 405. Walking through room after room of art with Martha is good for the soul. She sees things I never thought about. The Fowler Museum at UCLA campus has great displays of indigenous art, from Oxaca revolutionaries to masks and sculptures from Congo, Cameroon, Peru, and other countries.
Then we went to the great LA museum, the Getty, to have lunch, walk the gardens, and viewed four different exhibits, ending with a double espresso and cold coffee. My brain feels good!


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