Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy 97th!

We bumped into Linda S. and Chris Groppe at lunch today. Linda took Chris out to celebrate her 97th birthday this week. They invited us to join them. Chris at 97 lives life faster than a lot of 55 year olds! She runs the video group at Samarkand Retirement Center, helping post videos to the in-house system. She is a regular email and probably would blog if she had the time. When I asked if she wanted me to buy here a bottle of champagne with which to celebrate, she said "No, but a nice glass of white wine would be nice!" So I bought her a glass of white wine and we toasted her birthday and health. Then I asked her if she would be willing to sing at my funeral. Without missing a beat, she said "Sure! Should I start tuning up any time soon?" Happy Birthday Chris!!


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