Sunday, August 17, 2008

Labyrinth or Maze?

You saw this last week; a picture of the MCC staff on retreat at the Serra Retreat Center in Malibu. We had three activity times that different staff led as surprises: a trip to the Getty Museum of classic art, a craft-making exercise to make a collage describing our discipleship journey and a walk through a labyrinth.
As we prepared to walk the labyrinth together, we were instructed that a labyrinth is not a maze, not a puzzle you must solve or get lost in. A labyrinth as focus, meaning and direction. You can trust the path of a labyrinth to take you deeper and deeper into the center. Whereas you cannot trust the path of a maze. It will often lead into dead ends and double back upon itself.
I kept coming back to the labyrinth in my devotional thoughts this week and in preparation for worship. Is what we do here a labyrinth, taking people deeper and deeper into the heart of Christ or are we more like a maze, where we turn folks loose to try to figure it out on their own?
May our worship be a labyrinth and not a maze.


At 10:43 PM , Blogger Dan said...

I found a labyrinth on the north edge of downtown Colorado Springs! I enjoyed journeying into the center and back out a couple of times in the quite early hours.

What I am reminded of as i walk a labyrinth is that the journey to the center is followed by the journey back out to the edge, to the world, to the broader and ever expanding life that imminates form the Triune Communal Center that is our God.

Does our worship recenter our experience of the cration? Does our worship bring us back to the truth of this creation... that it exists for God's pleasure all creation is moving to the eternal purposes with the Triune God.


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