Friday, August 29, 2008

Life as Hobby

Do you differentiate between a sport, a hobby, a passion and a vocation? Watch someone get riled up when you call what they do with passion "their hobby." Today over lunch with a young man from the church who grew up in Santa Barbara, we talked about living with tremendously affluent friends and what it did to him over the years. He admitted that the toys they had were pretty cool. But then he observed that some of them still life their lives as a hobby. With sufficient wealth to not ever need to work, the do not "have" to do anything, but only what they "want" to do for a while, or until they get bored.
"Life as a hobby" grabbed me as being prophetic. How many people get involved in churches as a "hobby" while their kids are young and their careers are growing? How many people practice spiritual disciplines with a "hobbyist" attitude; for a while so long as it is interesting and fulfilling. How many people affiliate with churches like they do with a hobby, because of an attraction to a new style, sound, look or architecture. How many of us pastors launch new initiatives in churches like a hobby; because it might be fun and enjoyable, new and fresh?
Hobbies are not about life and death; but Jesus is.


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