Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My "Girls"

I know it's sexist. It's a problem I've had since childhood; giving different animals primary genders (eg: dogs are boys and cats are girls, sharks are boys and porpoises are girls, pigs are boys and rabbits are girls). That's probably a good reason why I'm NOT a veterinarian like I planned to be entering college. All this is prelude to a crowd of crows in our neighborhood I call "my girls" or "Ladies". They sit in the trees and yammer away, arriving on our property for no evident reason and then vanishing for days sometimes.
But on Sunday afternoons after communion, they wait for me. Mid afternoon I gather up the leftover bread pieces and scatter them over a bare piece of land. I hate the thought of communion bread going into the garbage pail in the church work-room. It seems so much better to let the birds eat it than dump it into a refuse pile somewhere. So I scatter the bread pieces and wait. Within 15 minutes "the girls" are there, bouncing around like crows bounce and flying up into the oak trees to eat a piece and then they swoop down again. It's a semi-liturgical dance to watch the birds of the air feast on the bread that hours ago we feasted on in worship.


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