Tuesday, September 09, 2008

An Evening in the Air

I'm in Minnesota for two reasons: to spend extended and quality time with my parents at Colonial Acres in Golden Valley and to spend time with my son Isaac in South Minneapolis. I never anticipated the backlog of emails between Monday night leaving Los Angeles and Tuesday evening in Minneapolis.
But seven hours with my parents was so good! I needed the "face-time" with them; to see their room, to hear their voices, to watch their faces, to laugh together and be silent together. I've never been more grateful for Covenant Retirement Communities than now, watching the big net surround and support them in their most vulnerable times.
Then at 4 pm I left to pick up Isaac and we drove to "Freedom Field" in Wisconsin just across the river. A single guy owns a large field dedicated to radio controlled flying of airplanes. It's one of the last Tuesdays for the field before closing for winter and maybe fifteen to twenty fliers were there, doing loops and arcs, low passes and acrobatic maneuvers. But when the picture was taken, eleven guys with identical planes were up in the air doing combat! It was so exciting to watch the planes loop and dive in dog-fighting moves. Isaac crashed into one guy and both planes careened into a field. They picked them up, glued them back together and relaunched, laughing as they did. It was an air-ballet of guys from various walks of life out playing.


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