Friday, September 05, 2008

Martha Ensign Johnson

Being married to an artist is an adventure. Martha is a highly self-disciplined person, who devotes hours each day to her solitary pursuit of making art. At times I pop into the studio to look around at what is new. At other times she invites me in to comment on a particular piece. But for the most part, she works alone, with alternative music streaming from a favorite Minnesota station.
Yesterday was a treat to see all her recent work hung and lit in the Reynold's Gallery on the campus of Westmont College.

Martha was invited to give an "artist's talk" on the meaning and themes of her work three times: to a class of students and then twice to opening attendees. I will not attempt to summarize her words, except that her themes have to do with paradoxical notions of paradise, time, chaos and order.

Following the opening, Martha and I were invited to an Art Council member's home with a number of friends for a gracious and sumptuous meal as the sun set over Santa Barbara


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