Monday, September 29, 2008


Our church secretary made the diagnosis in a late-night email to me. "I think what you have is nomophobia; no mobile phone phobia." She's right. Being without a cell phone now for the sixth day in a row is very different. I'm not always reaching for that appliance to put in my pocket or on the desk. I can't just talk with someone when I'm out and about, between hospital visits or walking into or out of a store. I do fear how many voice mails will be piling up until the phone comes back. And I do want to get the iPhone back in my hands (not to drop again). But this period without a cell phone is a teaching occasion for me. I form attachments to things and routines pretty deeply, and not always for the best. It's a good thing I still have access to coffee!


At 12:06 PM , Blogger Ruth Kelley said...

no cell phone and no coffee - now that WOULD be a tragedy! It is a strange feeling to be without our cell phone though.


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