Monday, September 22, 2008

Skunky Monday!

The bain of all gardeners is the attack by various animals; whether slugs, rabbits, deer, raccoons or skunks. Martha will survey the garden with disgust at the latest eating, digging or violating of the flower beds. So we asked the landscape crew to help us an they brought out some live traps a couple of months ago, with no good success other than one angry cat one night.
So we moved the traps out front to be picked up and removed this weekend. I awoke this morning early to the sounds of crows yelling. When I looked out from our front porch, there was a trapped and very angry skunk. So I left word for our secretary to inform the yard service people that a skunk was caught and needed to be removed. Only then did they tell us that they did not remove the trapped animals, Animal Control personnel had to be called. So we did that and were informed seriously that live traps were illegal and someone would come out soon to "talk with" me.
By 9:00 am a nice man from Animal Control came and gave me a wry smile. He said yard service people know the rules and readily remove raccoons and possums, but always call them for the skunks. Carefully he approached the caged skunk with trash bags as a visual and chemical shield for him. The skunk got edgy...then he said "Uh, oh, I got sprayed!" The smell was incredible. It filled the parking area, the courtyard, the church grounds...and slipped into our house. The skunk was released and we helped him wash up with soap and water, laughing as we did. But I just went home a few minutes ago....what a lingering smell for a Monday!


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