Saturday, September 27, 2008

Square Dancing

Saturday night events are problematic for me. I value my quiet routine on Saturdays of reading, blogging, watching TV and getting to bed earlier and quietly, so I can be up early Sunday ready to go. So I routinely decline wedding receptions and dinner parties for Saturdays. Plus, I have little rhythm and have never learned to dance. It's penalized Martha over the years that I'm not nimble on my feet like she is, and especially like our daughter Liz is.
So when the Adult Committee at church proposed a Saturday night Square Dance, I inwardly groaned. I don't like Saturday night events, I don't dance, and I think Square Dancing is kind of old-school. I'm not the hippest person I know, but I consider myself hipper than square dancers. But...I went because it was at church, the adults holding it are friends, and it's next door to our house (I cannot avoid it).
About 20 people showed up. The caller was a young guy with a dry sense of humor and played his music from his lap-top iTunes. It wasn't the square dancing music I thought I would hear, it was a techno beat, even "Mission Impossible" theme. Martha and I danced almost the whole night, though she switched out and I danced with two other women from church. The caller had fun with us and I did not feel stupid or embarrassed. We laughed till we cried. My only regret was that more weren't with us. But then, maybe if I had better excuses I would not have showed up...and had so much fun.
The thing I've been learning here in California is that I can enjoy things I never thought I'd enjoy. So I wonder what's next...polka?


At 5:54 AM , Blogger Katie said...

Hey now! Leave the Polka out of it!


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