Saturday, October 25, 2008

Abundance or Shortage?

The Santa Barbara farmers' market was teeming with life today. Crowds jammed the aisles with baskets full of produce, fruits, flowers, fresh-caught shrimp, nuts, olive oil, wine and breads. Sample trays were at almost every vendor, making it very difficult for me to both keep up with Martha's pace and nibble my way through the free foods! It was hard to feel poor amidst this much food and color.
Heading to another errand, I caught a voice-mail from a church member who has been mentoring a young pregnant woman through her pregnancy. The church is under-writing her stay in a safe-house with a mature christian couple. She gave birth last night prematurely and her pastors were not able to come to the hospital. I got the call, "Can you come and pray for this new mom and her baby?" Martha and I shot over to the hospital to pray for a miracle baby not yet 24 hours old! Then we visited an old saint who is getting out of ICU soon after 5 full weeks! After lunch and some chores, I headed to the beach to read and swim. Floating on my back, looking at the mountains and birds flying over me, there was nothing but God's abundance all around.
As the news heads our minds into shortage, panic and fear, the church has a deep responsibility to aim hearts and minds to the abundance God gives independent of the Dow Jones or our 401k's. It's not wishful thinking, optimism or denial, but it's guiding people (ourselves first) into the long view (when we've been here 10,000 years bright shining as the sun...).


At 10:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE your last paragraph - GOOD WORDS! (or perhaps that should be GOD words...)

At 6:17 PM , Blogger Dan said...

I have taken to that wonderful practice during the past few weeks in worship:

"The peace of the Lord be with you."

and the congregation responding,

"And also with you."

San Andreas is certainly on the opposite end of the economic spectrum form your area of Santa Barbara and a number of our folks live with "economic crisis" as there life experience. The "crisis" language in the media just adds fuel to the fire of their lives... but the weekly reminder of the peace that passes understanding works to undermine (!) the message coming form the culture these days.


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