Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fighting Distractions?

I confess to being uncommonly distracted: by the economy, by not having a working cell-phone, by upcoming events, by the national election, by conflict among friends, by illness in our parents, expectations from members, by voices of critics, needs within the church staff, by finances and building a church budget for 2009, ....by noise.
Craig Groeschel's book "IT" is a wonderful antidote to the spiritually distracted life. His breezy style of writing can make the reader assume this is shallow stuff until he "nails you" with a deep insight about the nature of "it" in vital and vibrant churches. During distracted times I need to do less rather than more, go deeper rather than faster, get stiller rather than louder, listen much more than speak, pray more than argue.
The challenge for pastors and spiritual leaders in the upcoming years is if we are deep enough to weather the turbulence. Are we focussed enough on what God calls, demands, expects from us to keep from being distracted by all the noise around us. Groeschel, at the end of his book, speaks about a time when he "fasted" from professional and church literature and feasted on only the Bible. That's what happened to me in France this past summer and where I need to go again here, to disentangle myself from too many competing expectations and focus on God's call to me. Maybe it's best that I remove DrudgeReport, CNN, and ABCnews.com from my bookmarks.


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