Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How Calm Are You?

Do the cascading markets make your stomach tight? Do you find yourself opening up various news web-sites to see the latest bad news? Are you constantly monitoring your portfolio or retirement 401K? Are you lingering longer on MSNBC finance shows and rolling up your sleeves with Jim Cramer?
Two smart people came along side me in the last week and asked me: do you need the money right now? If not, stay calm and ride it out. One assured me that this was going to shake out well in the long run as a painful, but much-needed correction. The other assured me that the historic performance of a good and balanced portfolio improves over the long haul. But you know me! I know NOTHING about finance and the markets, yet here I am commenting upon that which I am close to totally ignorant.
What I know are God's promises to us. I know that God asks his people to trust in him in the bleakest of times, to turn to him. This is the time for God's people to quietly and confidently demonstrate to the watching world where our real kingdom is. What is of ultimate value? How does that work out in these times of panic?
Last night my son Luke sent me this photo of the American Cemetery in Verdun France, where thousands of young Americans willingly died for the sake of a principle. They truly put their money where their mouths were. They paid the price for a free world.


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