Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Quiet Glory

It's a quiet Saturday morning and it's raining (something unique for Santa Barbara). I'm gathering the threads that will be Sunday in the stillness of the day before. The week behind was tumultuous; with the swinging stock market, bailout numbers the numbed my mind, the anticipated VP debate (and follow-up spin), my first 360 performance review by the staff and leadership, and then there is Sunday. Sermon, Communion, Community Outreach Committee, 50th Anniversary Committee, Inquirers' Class and an out of town guest staying the night with us. Nothing big, nothing traumatic , all good, but very busy from one thing to the next. So, where's the glory?
I am so hungry for glory because I've been starving on hype. The media I allow into my mind has so distracted me that I feel like I'm googling my way through life, one quick screen after another, with little sustained thought and reflection. Then on Thursday morning I read Ben Patterson's great article in the current "Christianity Today" on the Psalms. The point he drove home to me was that in our praying, we should not try to "pray" the Psalms as much as let the Psalms "pray" us. Psalm 19 began to "pray" me, letting the heavens tell me of God's glory and the firmament proclaiming his handiwork. The ode to the word in verses 7-9 remind me of what revives me, rejoices me, enlightens me and helps me endure. It's all in the book, all the glory I hunger for, all the glory we need.
If yours is a community that celebrates Holy Communion tomorrow, may you find God's glory in the world, the Word and at the Table.


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