Monday, October 27, 2008

Swimming with Dolphins

Today was a great day for a swim. Martha was teaching. The wind was still and the sky was clear. I got to the beach at low tide and read for a while till I got hot enough to want to swim. As I was taking my typically slow time getting in the brisk water, I saw the arching fins of a pod of dolphins straight out in front of me. I heard about swimming with dolphins before, but never was in the water close enough with them to try.
I quickly got into the water and started to swim out to where they were slowly arching and diving. They were moving slowly down the beach eastward, so I did not think I could catch up with them. Then they turned (I saw five at a time at the surface) and headed towards me. Yikes! I freaked! What should I do? Should I swim away from them or toward them. Was this smart? I was alone in the water and never did this before. So I floated on my back and watched them as they came nearer. They stopped about 20 yards away and then headed back on their easterly course. That's when the adrenalin kicked in. I was almost swimming with dolphins! It was sweet! They were big and really graceful. What a great day off!


At 6:05 PM , Blogger Dan said...

what a wonderful world!


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