Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon Epiphany

Wednesday afternoons are not the holiest of times for me; midweek, mid-project, production deadlines looming, not sure where the sermon will be going and if the music will match the theme, too much list and too little time. The worship team for this Sunday was practicing in the sanctuary at 5:00 pm and the church secretary (Sandi) was getting bulletin material ready when she heard a cry: "Sandi, do you have a camera nearby? Come quickly!" Sandi was sure something was wrong, broken, leaking or on fire that needed insurance documentation. She ran to the sanctuary with the church digital camera to find the worship team standing in awe of what the setting sun was doing all on its own to the altar-piece from last Sunday. The light came in like a spot-light and lit the top of the pile of rocks, spilling glory all over the room.
I think this coming Sunday is going to be a pretty good day!


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