Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Image Do You See? What Inscriptions Do You Read?

What images shape you? Images of declining stock values do anything to you? Do images of political candidates evoke responses? Do you respond to images of fashion and style? The "Apple" logo or clothing brands? Do the inscriptions of position title or faculty rank make a difference to you? What are the words that describe and shape you?
Matthew 22:15-22 is the text for tomorrow. When asked about paying taxes, Jesus asked his adversaries to tell him what image they saw and what inscription they read on the coin. Then Jesus said "Give back to (apodidomi) to Caesar what is Caesar's stuff and give back to God what is God's stuff.)
I know I get confused about images and inscriptions. I mistake what belongs to this realm as my entitlement and I somehow think that God want me to have all these things. The altar-piece has two centers; the tipped basket of coins on the bottom right and the mirrors reflecting the jar of oil and towel on the upper left. The mirror we look into should reflect the towel and oil of love and service. That's God's stuff. That's what he wants us to give back.


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