Monday, October 20, 2008

What's Different?

The coffee here at Coffee Bean & Tea is excellent, as it always is. Since September I start my Monday's down here, usually with some guys from church or sometimes alone with the computer and books. The traffic outside is the same. The weather here is the same. But the moods have swung so wildly. There was the electioneering, the economic rumblings, the crashing ride on the stock markets, housing, the recovery plan, and now the ride back up. But what's changed? Mood, attitude, opinions, confidence, trust, voices?
The same can be true for church, especially on a Monday morning when I go back and relive the services play-by-play, and most critically the sermon. Was it good, mediocre, or bad? It all depends on who is doing the talking, and they all could be right at the same time. The key is who I listen to; who speaks into my life? How I evaluate and recharged for a new week.
I just bumped into a very interesting and introverted person who attends the church. From across the coffee shop, she approached me and said, "Thank you for your message yesterday, it was just what I needed. I am so worried about the election and the economy, it was a reminder I needed to hear to give to God what is God's." And with that she scurried off. Huh?


At 8:25 PM , Blogger Rick said...

There's a saying in the Lindholtz house. Actually several: one is "How you think it went doesn't matter". And I already know that. And you already know that. But we need to hear it. Another is "It takes a dozen "attaboys" to make up for one "youjerk". My friend Roy told me that once and I think he got the ratios pretty right. Finally there is the immortal phrase Alicia brought home from a CW triennial way back, over 15 years ago because we were still in Lansing. "Nothing is wasted in the Kingdom of God". Which is another way of saying "God composts". The dry dead clippings of what used to be last years garden becomes the rich soil of what has yet to spring up from the ground.

Thanks for your note earlier today...


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