Saturday, November 29, 2008

Advent #1: Song for a Shepherd

The texts driving Advent at Montecito Covenant Church this year will be the lectionary Psalms. The Psalm for the first Sunday in Advent is Psalm 80, a lament. Lamenting is an odd thing to do in Advent. It's so un-holiday like. It's so dark. But lament works here in Santa Barbara this year because the hills behind us are scarred with the ashes of the Tea Fire that ravaged over 2,000 acres, destroyed 200 homes, 12 of whom call Montecito Covenant home. Our staff is staying in touch with 30 families and individuals who have been affected by the fires.
Advent is a time to long for the Messiah, the Shepherd, to get us out of our stuck places into the light of his face. Come Shepherd, come!


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