Sunday, November 23, 2008


After church, Isaac, Martha and I took a ride west of our house and up into the hills a bit. The neighborhood where the Westmont faculty lost their homes is devastating; every several houses a house is reduced to rubble on a foundation. But up in the hills, it is a wasteland. Black and white down one slope, up another and over again and up another slope. I looks like a battleground after a devastating attack. Wow! This was some fire!


At 5:14 AM , Blogger rootedwings said...

Blessings on you, Don, and your brother Tim--each extending in your own way the ministry of your aging father--not to mention those of us further on in years who have watched you emerge as our brothers.

A week ago (November 16) Mark Pattie asked me to preach at Salem. Recent texts have been, as you know, on the Second Coming of Christ. You have more than enough to do these days to sit back and listen to a whole sermon, but do listen to the opening remarks which come from our heart to you, Martha, our brothers and sisters in Montecito, and others now bereft all over Southern California.

What has been lost, whenever and however horrific, can yet be a reminder of all that is yet to be. May the One who has come into our estate to usher us into his, help us all in every clime to be living reminders.

Jim Hawkinson


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