Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Biblical Weather

Last night I did not get it at all. Over the past two weeks, our community has been coming to terms with the ravaging fires that hit us. My posts below indicate how overwhelmed I was to see house after house, valley upon valley reduced to a sea of ash. That's because it's so dry here. It hardly rains ever. We can easily go six months, sometimes a year without rain. But yesterday it started to rain, lightly, a "nothing" rain in the Midwest.
But at 8:30 pm our doorbell rang and there were four emergency rescue guys in yellow slickers informing me that we were under "mandatory evacuation" notice beginning at 9:00 pm. Bewildered, I asked what that means. They told me that no rescue vehicles would go up the road from the road-block after 9:00 pm because of concern for mud slides and floods. If we crossed the barricade after 9:00 pm we would not be let back in until the barricade was lifted. Like a dummy I asked when that would be, and they said when the Sheriff determined the area was safe! When pressed about what they were really worried about happening, they said that the hillside could be unstable after the fire burned off the ground cover and they were worried that the rains could trigger mud slides!
After some agonizing phone calls, I decided we could stay the night, with an emergency evacuation bag and flashlight ready if I got calls from neighbors warning me of mud slides. Needless to say, the night was a fitful sleep. Then, this morning I remembered what a woman from Minnesota said to me as I announced I was leaving Minneapolis for Santa Barbara "Why would you want to move someplace where they have only earthquakes, fires and mud-slides? Why leave Minnesota for that?" Her image of California was a land filled with Biblical weather conditions. Now all we need is some pestilence!


At 7:25 AM , Blogger E Erickson said...

Happy Thanksgiving...I'm sure you have been 'celebrating' in your own way for a few weeks, now!


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