Saturday, November 01, 2008

inheritance, Succession, Entitlement or Not Letting Go?

The story of the Schullers has all the markings of a seminary case study on how transition can go wrong, especially when it involves family members. If Robert Sr. brought young Robert on Board to be the "senior pastor" why did he stay on and not step down and retire? Robert Sr.'s comments indicate that he wants "Hour of Power" to go beyond a family name? But are not his wants exactly that? "His Wants?" Who does set the vision and direction for a ministry: sitting senior pastoral leadership, board of directors, pastor emeritus?
Was young Robert called to the position by God or given the position by dad? Was the senior pastor position his by birthright or by call? Did young Robert yield to and follow the vision cast for him by the Board, or was the new vision of ministry uniquely his, like his father's initial vision was his?
I cannot imagine my dad "releasing" me from a ministry. But neither could I ever imagine my dad calling me to join him in ministry. In fact, during my first call (1980-1985 in Lafayette Indiana) we were driving to a study leave together. I asked dad if he could ever envision calling me to join him on staff. Without missing a beat, he said "I'd never call you to work with me, you're way too independent!" Was that a criticism or blessing?


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