Wednesday, November 26, 2008

L.A. Auto Show

It was raining again in southern California, so I took the afternoon off and headed to the Los Angeles Colosseum with Isaac to see the L.A. Auto Show. Isaac and I used to regularly attend three events together in Minnesota: the Minnesota State Fair, the Boat Show and the Auto Show. Since his visit overlapped the auto show, we went together. GMC monster SUV Tahoe that had a flex fuel giving it a whopping 21 mpg! Hello, anyone home?

Then there was the ultra high end market that did not care a whit about environmental responsibility or fuel efficiency. These things were sleek, fast, and expensive. The wildest for me was the yellow Rolls!


At 3:13 PM , Anonymous Stein Ole said...

Oh, for me this is like a dream!Lucky you!


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