Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Position: Pastor For Gospel Action

Today we inaugurate a new position on staff at Montecito Covenant Church; Pastor for Gospel Action. This is a position we were planning to "pilot" in January 2009 for the year, but because of the many ministry needs and opportunities created by the fires, the staff and leadership felt now was an opportune time to launch this position. What is it? This is a pastoral role that links people to ministries. It does not create programs and committees. It does not lead mission trips or raise funds. This person's responsibility will be to identify and get to know the ministries in Santa Barbara that we currently support and find out how we can walk along side them more effectively. This person will also network and explore other vital ministries in our community our members and friends can partner with. On the internal side, this person will get to know our members' ministry gifts and potentials by working closely with existing staff and the data base.
When we dreamed about this position several years ago, the name we initially came up with was "Mission Pastor" but that carried too much other baggage. The title that worked best, but sounded too snooty was "Ministry Concierge". A concierge is the person at the desk who knows the community resources and the hotel guests, and whose success is "linking" them together. When the title "Pastor FOR Gospel Action" was proposed, our ears and hearts perked up and we knew that was the word.
Who is doing this very part-time position? Jon Lemmond, one of the members of MCC, PhD candidate in German History, part-time teacher at Westmont College, licensed pastor and a person whose heart beats for ministry. Jon is husband to Marriane Robbins, Professor of History at Westmont College and father to Jeremie, Emma, Jordan and Lea. Get ready for an exciting ride!


At 6:04 PM , Blogger Miss Elissa said...

This is welcome news! I'm excited about the possibilities of this new position!

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At 11:15 AM , Blogger drrwa said...

We always enjoy Martha's art work on the covers of the Northwestern College Christmas Programs. This year is outstanding! Merry Christmas from Minnesota. Marilyn and Bob Ash


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