Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sifting; through ashes and stories

Tuesday I took a tour of the neighborhood where MCC members and friends lost so many homes. My good friend Byron, a resident, navigated and narrated what I was seeing; indiscriminate destruction and protection. One home a pile of ashes and the next one standing untouched with no seeming rhyme nor reason. He told me about the fluid-like path the fire took through the neighborhood at 80+ mph, jumping, skipping and howling.
Then we came to Art's house (above). Art is a retired Westmont professor, recent widower, WW II veteran and totally up-beat person. He came out of his ashes smiling, with a prize: his safe. "Well" he said "We'll see if it lives up to its advertising" He then poked through stuff he found in the ashes that now rested in his trunk.
Home after home, neighbor after neighbor, story after story. This will need time and grace to sift.


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