Monday, November 17, 2008

Walking Westmont

In addition to talking with all those families who lost their homes this weekend, Martha and I had to see the damage, to walk the paths and get an on-the-ground sense of what just happened to our community. So we walked up the path to Westmont, the same path we walk whenever we go up to the campus. Midway on the path a young man in a golf-cart with a "security" badge on him asked us who we were and where we were going. Martha announced herself as adjunct faculty and I was the pastor at MCC. He said "OK" but told me I could not leave Martha's presence for security reasons. By the time we got to the Administration Building, we had been stopped by four security staff with the same warning. Martha got her check. I visited some of our members on staff and we walked home, taking these pictures above. Only when we got home did Martha get the email that no staff were to be on the campus for security reasons. Oooops! I'm glad they were forgiving.


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