Friday, December 19, 2008

Airlines: Big Losers

OK, it's the holidays and there should be some delays. OK, there is some winter weather, there can be some delays. But 4 for 4? Come on! My father-in-law from Richmond on American, Luke from Chicago on United, Liz and Jeff from Atlanta on AirTran and Isaac last night on US Air all came late...four flights, four late arrivals. When Isaac got to the baggage area he turned and said, "Let's go make a claim Dad, they lost it." I said we should wait till all the bags are off, and we did: no bags for Isaac. In three flights to Santa Barbara on USAir his bags were delayed three times! Come on! To make matters worse, they charged him $15 to lose the bag. I thought they could lose something for free. If you have to pay to check a bag, shouldn't there be a higher level of certainty that the bag arrives?
Isaac now expects it. It does not irritate him, he expects this sort of incompetence. I got to thinking about another scenario. On the day you go to the airport, you stop by FedEx or UPS with your bags. Drop them off with your arrival address (maybe an airport kiosk or your hotel or accommodation. Then with minimal carry-on, you go to do your flying KNOWING that your baggage will arrive safely and on-time. 4 for 4??


At 10:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

But really, at last on this side of the state, there's a lot of bad weather that we don't normally have. We don't usually have snow on the ground for a week at a time with more on the way. It's bound to slow everything down and create chaos. Hope your wedding goes smoothly...


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