Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Best Walk in the World

I've seen the walk hundreds of times. I've gotten choked up at the walk a number of times. I envisioned the walk ever since Liz was born. But when it happened yesterday, it was so sweet. The bridesmaids were all in, the music was transitioning, and it was just Liz on my arm in the quiet of the narthex. Bach began to be played and the doors swung open and we glided in and down the aisle, my daughter on my arm. Holding her at birth was a mighty fine feeling, but there was no walk. Watching her go through milestones has been exciting, but there was no walk. This was a walk worth waiting for.
The wedding went well. Chris Call and Jeremiah Massey played classical piano (Chris) and guitar (Jeremiah). Martha's father officiated with me and added the tender musings of a grandfather for Jeff and Liz. The reception at the house was a tour de force for Martha. the interior was a restaurant with Mexican enchiladas and fixings. Our French "son" Julien sent bottles of his Chatueau neuf du Pape wine for toasts. Then a "gypsy jazz" band arrived (2 guitars, bass and violin) to serenade the dancers, and the floor sprang to life with dancing the likes of which I have not send. Liz and Jeff's bridal party are all semi-professional swing dancers, so it was a spectacle to see them move! Liz insisted on a dance with me, a non-dancer. So I went on the floor tentatively and she invited me to relax and just move and we had sooooo much fun dancing together. We had so many friends with us from Minnesota, Chicago and here. I know more would have like to be with us, but December 20th is not a "convenient" time, so we fully understood. Now the house is returning to normal but the glow remains of the best walk in the world!


At 8:51 PM , Blogger E Erickson said...

BEAUTIFUL bride, and you can tell that's a PROUD daddy! Nice photo, and thanks for sharing!


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