Thursday, December 18, 2008

We All Do Spin

A friend from church came into the office today mid-wedding errands and looked at me, smiled broadly and said; "We all do spin Don!" and laughed. She has three married daughters and several grandchildren and is wise beyond belief. By her comment she captured the essence of parents-of-the-bride on the night before rehearsal. All flights have been late. We have been up too late and up too early and when we are in bed we can only think of what has not gotten done yet and needs to get done in the morning unless we might forget it and should we get up now and write a note or trust it to memory and what was that sound and what is that itch? Our sentences have no punctuation and our errands fly off into tangents. And it's all fun, and all dizzying. Borders blur and boundaries shift. Normally clear counters are piled with tin-foil covered somethings and shoes are stacked at both doors.
But right now, it's quiet here. Martha and Liz are at a shower with girls and Jeff is in Pasadena dancing with friends. Isaac should be coming in later tonight. John (my father-in-law) and Luke and I now have a quiet evening. It's a great sampling of all that it means to be family. But spinning I am.


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