Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Buzz

We had a 7pm Christmas Eve candle-light service last night. The sanctuary was filled, songs were sung and candles were lit. We came home and had a ham/turkey feast from 8:30 to almost 10:00 pm then started opening presents. It was a new adventure with Jeff and Liz as a married couple. We opened presents till almost 1:00 am with Martha's dad giving out around midnight.
This morning it is raining and conducive to several cups of coffee and a fire in the fireplace. Slowly the kids are waking up, grazing at what food is on the counters. Floors are dirty, sinks are full, shoes are piled at the doors and someone is almost always in the shower. I cannot believe life is this good! Returning to a routine will be good later next week, but for now I'm really enjoying the Christmas buzz!


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