Monday, December 08, 2008

Counter-Emergent: Children's Programs

The latest books on effective post-modern ministry exalt the simple-church model. Be focused. Know your mission. Stick to your mission. Do not let "good-stuff" distract you away from "God-stuff". Stop doing traditional things because they've been done for years. Resist being captured by 19th and 20th century church-culture. Simplify, simplify, simplify.
So in staff, we read together "IT", "Simple Church", "The Forgotten Ways", "Sticky Church" etc. We genuinely discuss whether we should stay with some of the inherited traditions like the summer VBS program called Noah's or the "Christmas In the Field" children's program.

This year the new Children's Ministry Director and Fuller Seminary student wrestled with whether this was good and effective theology and ecclesiology and even missiology. In the end, she opted to put on the Christmas Program last night in the sanctuary. About 80+ people came. A wonderful young couple dressed the parts of Mary and Joseph along with their new baby. Kids dressed as shepherds, angels, and a variety of animals. We sang together, they burped out their lines, they got distracted, we laughed and were moved. And there was a restored innocence last night...and it was good church!


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