Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Hidden Heroes

Fuentes Esperanza had their annual Christmas program today. It's a Spanish-speaking Covenant church near the campus of UCSB in Goleta, California (a west-adjacent city next to Santa Barbara). I counted about 60 adults and children. They had their regular worship service in the UCSB campus religious activities building. It's just a big room with folding chairs and a screen and projector. But today, after worship, the three kings were going to hand out Christmas presents to all the children in attendance.
Here's where the hidden hero comes in. Lisa Call, a member of MCC began promoting this ministry months ago, asking church members to "adopt" one child and buy an appropriate present for him/her. When the presents came in, Lisa wrapped and coded all the presents to the appropriate child. Our members formed a "present-chain" delivering 35 presents to kids who were called up to one of the Wise Men, given the gift and had their picture taken to the applause of the congregation. You could see the anticipation in the eyes of these little ones, most of whom are living in abject poverty. Ever since we arrived here four years ago, Lisa and her husband Chris have shepherded this ministry to Fuentes Epseranza. At the end of the program, Rev. Hugo Otaoloa singled me out as the senior pastor to the applause of the congregation. it's like that you know. I do none of the really hard work, show up and get the applause, while in the back, along the wall were all the hidden heroes!


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