Tuesday, December 09, 2008

M-4 Bathrooms!

M-4 met again today. M-4 stands for the four churches of Montecito (Presbyterian, Episcopal, Roman Catholic and Covenant). In the past we have raised funds and sent HIV/AIDS care kits (1,000 and then 2,000) through World Vision to Africa. We then raised funds for and packed 800 and then 900 back-to-school back packs for underprivileged kids in our community. We brought Jim Wallis from Sojourners to speak to our community about how to work together (the "New Awakening" he writes about) and we have had two ecumenical Thanksgiving services.
So we had high hopes of a larger and greater project. We were thinking about bringing to Santa Barbara through World Vision their HIV/AIDS awareness experience that needs 2,500 sq/ft and staffed for a week with 350 volunteers. The goal is to bring global awareness to the Christian community of HIV/AIDS. But we had difficulty getting traction and, more importantly, the space for the event.
Then at the meeting today, someone else go excited...about bathrooms in the local trailer park for low income worker-families. They live in cramped vacation trailers (not the big 40 foot type with double-wides). Few have bath/shower facilities so they all (90 residents) share a shower room with several stalls for each gender. They are decrepit, unsanitary and unused by the children, who do not get regular baths/showers and often smell of body-odor. We felt the Sprit move around the room summoning us to help bring sanitary and decent bathing facilities to our brothers and sisters just a few miles away from us.
So now we are launched in a new venture under some new leadership in the name of the body of Jesus Christ!


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