Monday, December 15, 2008

No Schuller mystery

The LA Times today had a story about Robert Schuller's (the younger) resignation from the Crystal Cathedral. Writers speculate about what went wrong and how it can be mended. It's no mystery to me. In the early 80's on a study retreat with my dad, I asked him if he ever thought about having me on staff with him. Instantly he answered "No way!" Hurt and confused, I asked him why. Didn't he think I had potential as a pastor?
He affirmed my pastor gifts and call, but said it's too complicated when a father and son (mother daughter or mixed genders) work together in the church. The lines get blurry and "call" can get dwarfed in entitlement. I admire Robert Schuller Sr.. I've read a number of his books over the years and heard him preach several times. I do not know his son and have nothing negative to say about him and his call to ministry. I think he'll do far better out from under the shadow of his dad. But being so high-profile, this will be a tough wound to mend.


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