Sunday, December 28, 2008


The text for the 1st Sunday after Christmas is Luke 2:22-40, the presentation of Jesus at the Temple and the interception by Simeon and Anna. Jesus' unique birth is now immersed in the dense traditions of Israel: circumcision, naming, presenting, buying back, offerings of purification for Mary and Temple pilgrimages. In the traditions we find connection and continuity. The new emerges out of the old and the new is set in the context of the old.
As an evangelical, I hunger for deeper traditions, traditions that go beyond this local church and my family, traditions that go farther back than Covenant history and Swedish culture, traditions the precede the Reformation and Protestantism, traditions that are behind the Gothic and Romanesque, Constantinian and Augustinian. I resonate with the traditions of the early fathers and mothers. My hope is that we hunger for traditional depth that is more than a passing fad or a new style of making the old new and hip. May we hear our names called out of the past and find the strength for these new and uncertain days ahead.


At 9:15 AM , Anonymous PamAS said...

I share that too, Don. I expect that some of the most meaningful traditions and rituals were developed in times of danger and uncertainty, and can continue to guide us in our time.


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