Monday, December 08, 2008

When Fear Takes Over

The other day I heard a comment that got my attention. The person speaking said that the problem with our highly wired culture is that "fear leaks in in too many place." By that he meant that our yahoo accounts, google news, and constant access to emails and instant messages, we hear way too much bad news with no countervailing good news. When the fires came through Santa Barbara, the fears and worries were overstated. I heard in Virginia that everything was burning; Westmont College, the church and our house. It wasn't that bad for us. But fears took over. What people feared over-rode what they knew.
In Sunday's New York Times neuroeconomist Gregory Burns M.D, Ph.D. writes about how fear paralyzes decision-making, risk-taking and creativity. That has big implications for the church. We are not fear-based or fear-driven. We are realists, not romanticists. We traffic in reality, but reality based in divine hope. This is a good time for the church to be the church!


At 12:19 AM , Blogger Isaac Johnson said...

"if it bleeds it leads" is the traditional newspaper mantra. Fox "news" is based purely on fear based journalism (hey, it sells). I just got done listening to Sundays This American Life about the rise and fall of a heretic pastor who stopped believing in hell. I wish I could quote him but it was something to the effect that preaching hellfire packs pews.


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