Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chicago Art...in the winter

After a linger breakfast with lots of coffee, we (Jeanne Heckman, Martha and I) took the elevated/subway into Chicago for a day at the Art Institue

Getting off the train at Monroe and Deaborn dropped us right in front of the Chagall mosaic cube. Though there was a cold wind blowing, all of us were amazed by his use of color and floating imagery

We went through too many rooms to remeber, but I was captured by the raw energy of Lautrec's and Van Gogh's lines and color choices. It still fascinates me how one painting (or sculpture) in a room almost grabs me and stops me to speak to me!

After an entire day seeing way too much beauty, we went to Millenium Park to see the giant photo cube, outdoor ice rink and the outdoor sculpture.


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