Thursday, January 15, 2009

Next M-4 Project: bathrooms

M-4, the moniker for the coordinated efforts of the four churches in Montecito (Episcopal, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and Covenant) has taken on some big challenges. Twice we worked with World Vision to fund, pack and send 1,000 and then 2,000 HIV/AIDS care-giver kits to Africa. Twice we purchased back packs and school supplies and filled them for 800 and later 900 local K-12 students.
But because of the economic hit on both the local poor and the local relief agencies, we decided to address bathrooms. In the neighboring town of Carpinteria there is a camper park holding 53 vacation-style campers. The one pictured below houses a family of five year-round with no toilet/shower facility. These 53 campers hold 153 people

The plan was to demolish the campers and construct permanent housing on this ideal site. But again the economy threw a curve ball at the agency non-profit managing these campers and they cannot build any time soon. What do they use for rest-rooms? See below:

I took these pictures this afternoon and we have a young man from church doing a You-Tube for M-4 later next week. The ventilation is not sufficient for the volume of use. The result is that many of the younger children, school age children do not take showers at all, or at least infrequently. It is not conducive for young people's modesty, not to mention adults. It's right here in my back yard and it needs improving now.


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