Sunday, January 11, 2009

October trip to Greece: next week

Next Sunday, January 18th we are having an information meeting for a potential trip October 1-11, 2009 to Greece to follow the journeys of Paul. It is open to MCC members and friends and anyone else who is interested in having the way they read their Bible permanently changed.
Bible travel began during my days in Minneapolis due to the urging of my friend Dave Erickson. He said, "Don, you're a pretty good preacher, but you could be better, if you walked the area where the Bible was written." I had resisted these canned religious trips for years. Nothing seemed more boring to me than to travel around as a large heard in a big bus with some guy waving us through with a flag. Dave asked me to trust him. I did. And it changed the way I read the Bible, preach and even travel. We made friends on those trips (six now) like nowhere else. The organization that puts the trips together is Educational Opportunities out of Lakeland Fla. We will only take 30 people so we can have one bus to ourselves. The total cost from LAX will be about $3,000 airfare/hotel, breakfast & dinner and all bus travel and entry fees. While $3,000 is a lot, it's still a pretty good deal. Email me if you are interested.


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