Thursday, January 22, 2009


When Jesus called Simon and Andrew to leave their nets and come follow him in Mark 1:14-20, he was inviting them on a journey of life-long learning. They were fisherman, deeply rooted, well-trained the hard way and, I would guess, set in their professional ways as adults can be. I know I have my preferred routines for writing sermons, conducting weddings and funerals, for leading staff meetings and participating in church councils. I've done it pretty well for a bunch of years. I like doing the "teaching" and not so much the "learning." I like being recognized as a successful leader and not as an eager follower. Maybe it's age, maybe it's gender, maybe it's ethnicity. But when I took Jesus' words into my world and thought how I'd respond if he told me to "drop my" (pastoral) "nets" and come follow me. I'm not sure then next adverb would be "immediately!"
In the past years I've learned some new skills (blogging, twittering, face-booking, cutting and pasting, and living on email. I've learned new technologies, but not always new attitudes. I'm learning to live in a new environment, maybe even a new culture, but I have not shed my old prejudices and entitlements.
These are opportune days for me and for the church to drop some old nets and learn some new ways to fish.


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