Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Altar-Piece Explained

I said goodbye this morning to my wife Martha and our friend Jeanne who designed the altar-piece for the Midwinter. Gary Walter asked for an explanation of the component parts of the piece. So last night, before going to bed, Martha wrote a description of the various elements and why they put them where they did. I am quoting here below
Midwinter Altarpiece

The theme for the Midwinter “The Centrality of the Word” had some recognizable visuals we could use. The Bible is placed centrally and draped with a prayer shawl (Christ as the fulfillment of the Law). The prayer shawl is placed on the Bible as the Word made flesh. The use of the vine comes from John 15:1-4, which includes a reference in verse 3 to being cleansed by the Word. The earthen vessel references what we are shaped as, a people shaped by the Word. Clay appears again as earth and spittle, what Christ used to heal the deaf and restore hearing (while Christ used spittle again to restore sight). The tall Christ candle dominates while the very earthy cloth, a Congo naturally dyed fiber piece, anchors it all.
Martha Ensign Johnson, Jeanne Heckman


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