Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gossip & Mediocrity

For the past week I have been reflecting on the nature of gossip. I confessed to my role in gossip in a posting below. It is so easy to talk about a person rather than talk to him/her. The negative is so much juicier to discuss than the positive. Failings are much more interesting than successes.
But in talking with others about the nature of gossip, one person suggested that a community that tolerates/encourages gossip is also encouraging mediocrity. When I pushed for clarification, she said that anyone who tries a new thing and fails, will be the target of gossip. If gossip is tolerated, the fragility of creativity is damaged and people do not exercise the freedom to try something new again because they know what will happen if they fail: gossip. So it's much safer to function within the group norms and expectations and not try something new.
Where has your creativity been clipped by gossip from those around you? Where might your gossip hinder the creativity of those around you?


At 9:09 AM , Blogger Stan F. said...

My creativity hasn't been clipped, but I heard about a pastor who....

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