Saturday, February 28, 2009

M-4 Thank You Feast

The four churches of Monteciot (M-4) have been working all month on a project to rebuild decayed showers and restrooms for 153 people who live in vacation campers like the one below. Two 16 year old girls today told Martha that they were born in this park and have never NOT lived in a camper.

Behind the campers is a jumble of wires for everything, making it look like a third world back alley...except for one thing: it is safe and they have a sense of community and pride. These are the nursery and field workers, who pay $200-400 rent for campers like these, but also create a tight community of extra uncles and aunts who love them and care for each other. The iron-tough little manager (Betty) allows no drugs, prostitution or drinking outside.

To thank us, People's Self-Help Housing and the residents provided a feast for members of the M-4 churches. Then the girls came out and gave us a wonderful thank-you dance. After the dance, the girls went among us giving us their "thank-you" necklaces they wore during the dance. I feel pretty rich today!


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