Saturday, February 07, 2009

M-4 Work Day

On a cold and rainy day, M-4 volunteers gathered at the Carpinteria Camper Park for our latest project: rebuilding the two restrooms and showers for the 153 residents. It was a bit chaotic because everyone wanted to be out of the rain and the two restrooms, as you can see, are not very large. A devoted crew of laborers were dismantling the rooms when we arrived.

But an emergency arose while were were hanging around. An old camper was leaking like a sieve. This camper was home to a family of five. They needed to be immediately relocated to a dry trailer. The manager invited me inside, but I did not have the heart to take pictures there...it seemed too invasive. The sky-light/vent was pouring water into the camper's back-bedroom. It was wet and cold and the family needed to be moved right now!


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