Thursday, February 19, 2009

Merging Ministries?

I had a great lunch with someone from an international aid organization today. We talked at long length about the changing face of ministries; of trying to do more with less and seeking collaborative partnerships wherever we could. I talked about the joy of M-4 (the 4 churches of Montecito) and how I would never try to do something alone again when I could do it in partnership with other churches in the community. We are able to magnify impact, share resources and build loving cooperation. What's the down-side to this?
Off-handedly (my typical approach) I asked if any denominational relief agencies have sought out conversations about "outsourcing" their world relief services to this larger organization? He paused and thought for a while. He was not able to thin of a single conversation that he knew about from denominations to his organization.
That got me thinking about the Evangelical Covenant's World Relief Services. We are in the search process for a new director as Jim Sundholm is retiring. What about "not" replacing the position but ecumenically partnering Bread for the World, World Vision, Compassion International or any number of well-respected global relief groups? What would be the down-side to that? We could still request channeling contributions through Covenant churches when present, just like any individual donor would do? We could cut administrative costs and build better partnership. just a thought.


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