Thursday, February 05, 2009

Midwinter Realities

How are you enjoying the Midwinter? How are the classes? What are you doing? The truth of the picture above tells it all. It's about meeting and gathering with old friends and making new ones. I have deeply appreciated the morning bible studies by Klyne Snodgrass on "Eating, Hearing, and Seeing the Word" and the powerful evening services of great music and preaching by Judy Peterson, Efrem Smith, and Phyllis Tickle. My main job here is auspicious: turn the candles on at the beginning of the service and turn them off at the end.
The big value comes from these lobby conversations with director of Communications Don Meyer, Spiritual Formation's Marti Burger, my successor in Minneapolis Mark Pattie, former staff members from Salem, Muskegon, and Lafaeytte. It's about meeting with missionaries like Galen Johnson and Ken Satterberg or conference leaders like Evelyn Johnson, Walter Contrares, and Wayne Carlson. I had time with my executive coach Alan Forsman.
But the best time of all was that spent with Luke and my brother Tim; watching movies, eating meals and drinking coffee. By this time in the week, I'm almost talked out. I've used up almost all my words in my head. I'm ready for my own pulpit, office, bed and chairs at home. The Midwinter reminds me of the privilege of being in ministry, serving a church I love and who loves me, a denomination that is driven by a desire to obey the word and love our neighbors.


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